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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Our facilities are in accordance with global standards.
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Port Qasim

Being one of our flagship plants, it is the biggest in the Port Qasim area and hosts the production of multiple categories. Equipped with modern machinery for production and testing, it houses several facilities for our business and augments overall manufacturing.


Our state-of-art plant at Nooriabad is significant for providing ample space to augment and support the growth of our key categories. A huge investment project, it provides employment to many as well as production and storage facilities for our business.


This plant in Punjab enables us to cater to additional markets by being centrally located. It has state-of-the-art machinery for production and packaging of some of our primary categories.


National Foods has been aspiring since many years to establish a strong production facility in Punjab to serve consumers and avail multiple growth opportunities that the area has to offer. This dream comes true by starting constructing on the state-of-the-art production facility in Punjab near Faisalabad at M3 industrial estate. The new factory will bring several new job opportunities for the locals and for professionals around the country. The phase 1 of this facility will be up & running by end of 2022. This new facility will have production lines comprising of wet & dry categories of NFL with possibility of developing newer ventures as well. The factory design is based on lean principals to envision the factory 4.0 concepts by maximizing the automation and increasing work efficiencies eliminating the sources of losses and waste generation. Sustainability will be the key focus in this new factory design to reduce the energy foot prints in usage of water, electricity, gas & diesel.