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Eco-Friendly Campaign

Discover how we reduce our carbon footprint.
Our Impact

R3: Project Phase 1

"The R3 Project, standing for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, is an initiative developed under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) of ""Responsible Consumption and Production."" This project aims to address key areas of focus such as Food, Water, Plastic, and Paper. While the project is currently focused on the Corporate Head Office to start, there are plans to expand its implementation to other facilities in the future.

The R3 Project recognizes the urgent need to promote sustainable practices within consumption and production patterns to mitigate the negative environmental impacts associated with these areas. By implementing the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, the project aims to achieve significant reductions in waste generation, resource consumption, and environmental pollution.


Under the Reduce component of the project, efforts have been made to minimize the overall consumption of resources. This involves implementing strategies to reduce waste generation and optimize resource usage within the National Foods Head Office. For instance, measures have included reducing food waste through daily measuring and reporting to the employees starting on World Food Day, implementing water conservation messaging across the organization installation of water aerators to minimize water wastage by 75%-90% starting on World Water Day, and promoting the use of digital platforms to minimize paper consumption.


The Reuse component focuses on finding ways to extend the lifespan of products and materials within the organization. This involves implementing systems to encourage the reuse of items that would otherwise be discarded.

With the initial focus on Food, Water, Plastic, and Paper at the National Foods Head Office, the R3 Project sets the stage for future expansion to other facilities within the organization. By implementing successful strategies and learning from the experiences gained, the project can be replicated and scaled up across multiple locations, further strengthening the organization's commitment to responsible consumption and production as outlined in UN SDG 12.


The Recycle component of the R3 Project emphasizes the importance of proper waste management and recycling practices. The project aims to create a culture of recycling within the organization by implementing comprehensive recycling programs. This includes sorting and disposing of waste properly, educating employees on the proper sorting and disposal of recyclable materials, and partnering with Trashit to compost organic waste.

In addition to the practical implementation of the R3 Project, an internal communication campaign and strategy were launched to build employee awareness and introduce sustainability practices. This campaign aims to engage and educate employees about the importance of responsible consumption and production, as well as the role they can play in reducing their environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices both at work and in their personal lives. "

Faisalabad Tree Plantation

Content for Tree Faisalabad Tree Plantation: At National Foods, we place the utmost importance on Our Impact on the communities we operate in. Being a responsible company, our efforts comprise working towards the improvement of our environment. Our Founders believed that a company's success is not only measured by its financial gains but also by its impact on society.

A Tree Plantation Drive was conducted at the Faisalabad Plant recently to manage our carbon footprint, contribute positively to the environment and add to the beautification of our flagship plant. Led by Abrar Hasan, along with senior members of the Manufacturing Function, the plantation drive served as a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Around 300 trees will be planted as part of the first phase, with more to come in the future. We understand that every small action counts, and we believe that the success of this drive will encourage others to take similar initiatives.


Eco Friendly Packaging

Apart from consistently delivering premium-quality products, we want to do everything possible to preserve the environment of our beautiful country. We launched an incredibly interesting, yet engaging campaign #LetsPlantOurFuture, with the objective to make a colossal positive impact on our environment, reduce carbon footprint, and make people well-versed with the power of repurposing resources.

As a result of our campaign, we have successfully reduced the use of paper material board by a whopping 25%, consequently reducing tree-felling rate, playing our role to reduce our carbon footprint. This has resulted in reduced carbon emissions and limited carbon footprint.

We are also collaborating with the government of Pakistan and WWF to safeguard and promote efforts towards tree plantation and reforestation at the national level.