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National Ka Pakistan

Experience the food diversity of the country.
Our Impact

National Foods Limited in its quest to explore the unique foods and culture of Pakistan, initiated a docuseries called ‘National Ka Pakistan in 2012. In this programme, viewers travel through some unseen and unexplored places across Pakistan with renowned chefs and get to experience, explore and indulge in Pakistan's unique culinary and cultural depth.

Now in its sixth season, National Ka Pakistan stays true to its theme and highlights Pakistan’s understated and often underestimated beauty that is rich in historical context. From the treacherous mountains of Balochistan, to the delicacies of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa; from the lush meadows of Punjab to the quiet yet spiritual shrines of Sindh. Each episode of the show is a captivating exhibition of how this harmony of the rich provinces makes one great nation bubble with culture, history, food and music.

The cordiality with which Chef Saadat and Shuja Haider are welcomed in different parts of Pakistan is a perfect example of subcontinental hospitality and the innate connection we, as Pakistanis, feel towards each other. The warmth of the locals, with their infectious smiles and proud eyes, as they share pieces of their heritage radiates off the screen.