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Responsible Business

Explore how we conduct our business.
Our Impact

Supplier Onboarding

We ensure compliance is met at both ends

Every supplier who wishes to be on boarded has to go through a robust set of checks to ensure that they are in compliance with National Foods’ business practices and code of conduct. Every supplier is selected after our teams have conducted an analysis which involves analyzing their own code of doing business, their reputation, their ability to deliver on said times, their previous track record, and whether they will add value to National Foods.

In addition to analyzing a supplier’s potential to add value to our business, we strongly believe in ethical working practices and thus ensure they are not involved in forced or child labour.

  • 1 Vendor Form to be filled by Supplier
  • 2 Submission of Form along with Supporting documents
  • 3 Verification and Validation of Documents by NFL
  • 4 Vendor induction request in the system
  • 5 Review and Approval of vendors by Management
  • 6 Vendor Induction Completed

SEDEX Certified

We believe in a responsible supply chain

We take pride in empowering responsible supply chain in our business and are members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) for our Port Qasim and Nooriabad Plants. SEDEX is a Global membership organization through which we can share our audit results with thousands of members in 180 countries, across 35 industry sectors.

In line with the requirement of relevant ethical standards, the results of the audit can be recognized and shared by all SEDEX members, so the supplier’s acceptance of the SEDEX audit can save many duplicate audits. This membership opens the doorsteps of cooperation with European customers, attracts potential clients and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. It reduces exposure to workplace risk factors and fully protects the health and safety of employees’ work environments. It also develops cost-effective preventive measure for accidents and losses , reduce risks, and reduce the occurrence of safety incidents to minimize risks.

This membership is a milestone in ensuring highest level of Empowering Responsible Supply chain that represents National Foods Limited!

Compliance and Integrity

We’re dedicated to transparency and integrity.

Our focus on compliance and integrity allows all of us to work according to all applicable laws and regulations of the countries we operate in. These laws enable us to make the right decisions that are based on ethics and integrity.

We make sure that there is transparency across our teams, departments, and structure so that the voices of our employees and those of our external partners are always heard by the management.

Our Payment Process

National Foods pays special attention to the supplier payment process so that the process can be completed timely and efficiently. Our suppliers are to abide by the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process to ensure compliance.

The steps involved are:
  • Registration of the supplier as an approved vendor
  • Generation of Purchase Requisition (PR)
  • Issuance of Purchase Order (PO)
  • Receiving of Invoice
  • Completion of Goods / Services Receipt (GR) Note
  • Disbursement of Payment
Suppliers are requested to abide by the following Invoice Requirements:
  • The invoice must bear the correct and complete National foods Limited name, be addressed to an employee and have the NTN / STN number
  • The invoice must have an Invoice Number and state the currency and measuring units as mentioned in the Purchase Order
  • The document MUST be an invoice or a valid substitute (Note: Proforma Invoices, Purchase Orders, Statement of Accounts, Reminders, Letters, etc., are not allowed for processing)
  • An invoice for reimbursable charges (like airfare, hotel, etc.) MUST contain appropriate back-up documentation (such as receipts);
  • The invoice/document MUST be original and readable;
  • The invoice MUST NOT be dated before the Purchase Order;
  • The invoice must have the breakdown of the applicable taxes accordingly