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Code of Business Conduct

Achieving excellence in all spheres.

This is How We Conduct Business

We believe in conducting our business with strong moral and ethical standards. Every day, we work together to achieve excellence in all spheres of our operations so that we can add greater value to or internal and external stakeholders. In addition, any person or group entering any form of contract with us is bound to comply with the given guidelines.

  1. Unfair Means

    Any use of bribery, kickbacks or any form of payment in cash/kind to obtain business related or personal benefits in the name of the company is strictly prohibited. Welcoming extravagant business gifts/entertainment is similarly frowned upon and will result in serious consequences.

  2. Respect and Integrity

    We believe in giving respect to our people and partners, and hence work to create an environment that consistently discourages any form of discrimination, harassment, or prejudice. Discrimination is treating, or proposing to treat, someone unfavorably because of a personal characteristic protected by law. Harassment on the other hand is considered as an unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex national origin, age, disability or genetic information. We take strict and exacting action against any such offensive conduct and ensure that each individual treats each other the way they want to be treated.

  3. Conflict of Interest

    We prohibit actions that are in conflict with the company business interests. This may include but are not limited to:
    • Providing assistance with a competitor or holding ownership interests in a customer, supplier, or distributor based in a competitor company.
    • Receiving personal gains at company expense.

  4. Confidentiality

    We believe in the confidentiality of information related to company business activities. The company expects employees not to disclose or divulge by any means the confidential and commercially sensitive information except to the authoritative personnel requiring it. Furthermore, they should use their best endeavors to prevent the disclosure of such information by other people. The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the expiration or the cessation of contacts with National Foods Limited and is equally applicable to intellectual property.

  5. Statutory Compliance

    We believe in providing total support and cooperation to all the governmental and regulatory bodies irrespective of the extent of prevalent enforcement.

  6. Financial Integrity

    We believe in complete compliance with the accepted accounting rules and procedures. This includes but is not limited to:


    We discourage any illegal activity for the purpose of any benefit to the company or others. All information supplied to the stakeholders and/or auditors must be authentic and transparent.


    All transactions must be fully disclosed and must be for the purpose stated for.

  7. Health, Safety and Community Responsibility

    We are fully committed to safety, health and responsibility towards the environment and community. All company activities must portray a responsibility towards the community and nation as a whole. We seek to employ procedures that are safe, healthy and environment-friendly and also promote engagement in “sustainable” and eco-friendly causes.