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Gender Equality

We believe in creating balance.
Our Impact

Daycare Remodeling

Implementing a Finnish model for Early Childhood Development Keeping in consideration the UN SDG #5 of Gender Equality, we joined hands with Ubuntu Care, experts in daycare services centered on the Finnish Model of Early Childhood Development (ECD). This helped us understand the interconnectedness of Emotional, Physical, Mental, Cognitive and Psychosocial elements that shape a child’s personality and make certain that the Daycare had requisites which catered to such needs. The Daycare went through an intense overhaul which encompassed, but was not limited to, an outdoor play area to cater to child growth.

As National Foods believes in interconnectedness in the corporate sector, it was decided that the Daycare would not be limited to our employees but would also be accessible to the employees working in different corporations. Through this remodeling, National Foods advanced towards its aim to be one of the best places to work at!

Hamqadam Mentorship Program

To encourage females to break the glass ceiling Working towards our agenda of Gender Diversity and Community Development, Humqadam - our first female mentorship program was launched with the aim to promote gender equality, improve employee engagement and create an environment that fosters employee growth. By providing female employees with a platform to interact with female members of the Board of Directors, the initiative aimed at not only raising awareness on women’s needs and rights but to also build their confidence and leadership skills.

UN Women WEPs – Women Empowerment Principles

Becoming a signatory of UN Women WEPs National Foods has joined hands with UN Women by signing up for Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Through this partnership, we have been added to their global list of signatories that include more than 2000 corporate giants worldwide!

Joining this partnership initiative of UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office, we selected WEP #2, out of the 7 WEPs. WEP #2 inspires the organizations to treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human-rights and nondiscrimination. Hence, the Company will now be working to further fulfil our commitment to equal opportunities and have a diverse talent pool by adhering to and receiving guidance from the UN Women itself.


Getting special recognition by UNICEF National Foods Limited was invited by UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) to a National Dialogue on Early Childhood Development – ECD which is a subset of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals - UNSGD # 4 i.e. Quality Education. National Foods Limited’s Family Friendly Policies were presented at the forum and were highly appreciated by UNICEF’s representatives as a remarkable achievement in providing a safe, healthy and a sustainable work environment for our employees. This remarkable achievement laid grounds for UNICEF to work with National Foods Limited to build the framework for a Provincial ECD Policy for the future.