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We are the biggest advocates for education.
Our Impact

Aagahi Adult Literacy Program

For an educated women workforce. With our prime focus on women empowerment and education, Aagahi Adult Literacy Program was launched in 2005 in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation (TCF). The aim of this program is to facilitate women who have either never been to school or dropped out. The subjects cater to English, Math, Urdu and basic financial literacy. With over 50,000 women made literate through this program, we recently celebrated almost a decade of collaboration to positively impact the lives of women across 40+ cities nation-wide.

Knowledge Platform

Digital Education through Knowledge Platform in Swat National Foods is going one step beyond by investing in the future: digital education! We have partnered with Knowledge Platform to create impactful and scalable learning solutions. Knowledge Platform’s blended learning solution leverages on one laptop per Digital Learning Center. The laptop is pre-loaded with digital lessons containing videos, class activities and assessments using classroom learning software. The pilot program consists of working with an all-girls school in the beautiful valley of Buner in KPK, Pakistan. And the same shall be scaled in other cities for greater impact. Performance is tracked and reported at the network, school, teacher and student level.