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Our Hiring Process

Your journey with National Foods.
Our People

The Trailblazer Program is our graduate trainee program for individuals who dare to be disruptive.

Our Trailblazers are not just tomorrow’s leaders, they are fast-learners who have the ability to simplify, streamline, and solve even the world’s most complex problems.

As fresh graduates ready to take on new challenges, our Trailblazers are given a full 360-degree understanding of business processes and are provided with an opportunity to manage their own function-specific projects. These projects are specially designed to challenge these individuals to come out of their comfort zones, innovate, and take charge of their careers.

  • 1 Online Application and Testing
  • 2 Business Interviews
  • 3 MANCOM Interviews
  • 4 Selection

The Trailblazer Program’s test is initiated between January and March every alternate year. To apply, candidates may stay updated on our website, and LinkedIn page for the test. National Foods Limited’s testing procedure is fully digitized and open to anyone interested in applying across the world.

Basic Requirements:
  • CGPA: 2.5 or over
  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Maximum Age: 28 years
  • 1 Onboarding & Thorough Orientation
  • 2 Quarterly Evaluations
  • 3 Permanent Employee in 6 months!
  • 4 Final Presentation & Placement

The Trailblazer Program is a 1-year program,
with continuous opportunities of development through trainings, relevant business projects,
as well continuous feedback sessions and development plans.

During this time period, the Talent Acquisition team will be assisting you through the stages
of your program. Your Line Manager and HR Business Partner will be responsible for evaluating your performance on a quarterly basis, and for providing continuous feedback. During the 2nd performance appraisal, all Trailblazers with positive feedback shall be made into permanent employees. After the 4th and final evaluation, the Trailblazers will be given a fixed placement into their respective departments.

  • Critical Business Projects
  • Opportunity to become permanent 6 months into the program
  • Experience a Diverse and Dynamic Environment
  • Be a part of an Innovation Driven Culture
  • Full Ownership of Work
  • Career Stewardship
  • Performance Based Annual Promotions