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These are our efforts to uplift the economy.

Export Competitiveness of Pakistan’s Spice Mixes Category

National Foods participated in the PBC's publication on the 'Export Competitiveness of Pakistan's Spice Mixes Category'. This insightful study delved into key industry insights and strategies for maximizing the export potential of this sector. The PBC conducted extensive research, incorporating valuable secondary data and interviews with major firms operating within Pakistan's spice mixes category. The study identified opportunities and challenges, proposing a set of policy recommendations to boost spice mixes exports from Pakistan.

Did you know that the global market for spice mixes reached a staggering USD 17.75 billion in 2021? Moreover, global spice mixes exports amounted to USD 620.1 million in the same year. European countries accounted for approximately 44 percent of global imports, with a value of around USD 305 million. Notably, China, India, and Pakistan emerged as market leaders in the spice mixes export category.

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Chili Value Chain Sustainability

National Foods works closely with the farmers to enhance and improve the value chain to deliver the highest quality of products while setting benchmarks in the industry. Through a case study published by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC), we have highlighted how our efforts have led to the registration of red chilies as a commodity on the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX).

The efforts undertaken to preserve the production and yield of Dandicut – a red chili variety specifically grown in Kunri, Sindh, has resulted in the improvement of crop quality and protection of the crop against Aflatoxins and preference over other varieties. Moreover, red chilies have also been registered as a commodity on Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) for the industry to buy.

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