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Signature Dish

The secret ingredient for every Chef
Our Impact

National Foods Limited has launched the ‘Signature Dish’ campaign to highlight the unsung heroes of Pakistan’s culinary world.

We take immense pride in the successful launch of our Signature Dish Campaign, a captivating initiative to highlight the unique talents and expertise of renowned chefs by showcasing their signature dishes, along with the secret ingredient they rely on from National Foods.

The Food Services Division of National Foods pays tribute to the legendary chefs who are masters in their field and are behind the delicious cuisines made in popular restaurants of Pakistan. The campaign has been launched to feature Pakistan’s acclaimed chefs and their ‘signature dishes’. By placing the chefs at the center of attention, we aimed to foster engaging conversations and discussions within the culinary community. This campaign celebrated the culinary maestros' talent, creativity, and mastery while emphasizing the vital role that National Foods' high-quality ingredients play in their remarkable dishes.

It pays tribute to 10 prominent chefs with their unique, signature dishes in three cities of the country namely Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.