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Seed to Table

Our Impact

Seeding Innovation

In the heart of Pakistan, amidst the challenges of a global crisis, National Foods Limited embarked on a remarkable journey - a journey from Seed to Table. It all began as a response to the pressing need to address supply chain constraints magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With determination and foresight, National Foods Limited saw an opportunity to transform adversity into innovation. The Seed to Table initiative was born to recognize and reduce Pakistan’s dependence on imported raw materials, particularly the annual import of nearly USD 10 million worth of tomato paste.

Fuelled by the vision of reshaping Pakistan's agricultural landscape, Seed to Table became more than just a project; it became a beacon of hope and inspiration, significantly contributing to improving Pakistan's image on the global agricultural front.

Through formal partnerships with progressive farm-managing companies, National Foods Limited set out to empower local farmers and fortify the tomato value chain.

As seeds were sown and partnerships blossomed, the impact of Seed to Table began to unfold. Farming practices were enhanced, yields flourished, and farmers were equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive.

Partnerships and
Technological Integration

In our endeavour spanning 500 acres for tomatoes, with plans underway for red chilli cultivation, we've forged vital partnerships to ensure success at every step. Collaborating with esteemed entities like Ibtida Ventures, Kevlaar, Indus Acres, and Vital Green as our farm managers, we've leveraged their expertise to optimize farming practices.

To enhance efficiency and precision, we’re utilizing Farmdar's satellite imagery for farm management and to employ drone services we’ve partnered with FarmEvo. With such meaningful partnerships, we're at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Additionally, to mitigate risks inherent in agriculture, we've partnered with Salaam Takaful to provide parametric-based crop insurance, safeguarding farmers against unforeseen challenges.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to processing as well. Al Rahim, our trusted tomato processor, ensures that the fruits of our labour are transformed into high-quality tomato paste, ready to enrich tables nationwide.

Weather Walay provides invaluable weather advisory services, allowing us to make informed decisions and optimize crop yields. And with support from Syngenta in seed procurement, crop protection, and agronomy, we're equipped with the best resources to ensure bountiful harvests.

Timeline and Progress Update

Since our project kickoff in August 2023, we've diligently followed our timeline. From sowing seeds in September 2023 to transplantation commencing in October 2023, we've adhered to our schedule with unwavering dedication. As we embark on the harvest phase starting from February 2024 onwards, we're excited to witness the fruits of our labour.

Today, Seed to Table stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. By nurturing the journey from Seed to Table, National Foods Limited is not just feeding the nation; it is sowing the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Together, let us cultivate a world where every table is filled with the bounty of our land, and every seed represents the promise of tomorrow.

Joining the Movement

For potential partners aligned with our mission to revolutionize agriculture, we invite you to join us. Whether in farm management, technology, or sustainability, together, we'll sow the seeds of change.