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Experience the intensity of our exciting snacks.
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Scene On is not just any snack - it is the ultimate wingman and enablers for teenagers to turn any situation in to their favor. Packed with bold and intense flavors, these Snacks unleash the slick slide of teenagers to take control and conquer any situation. Now available in four dynamic formats, each range has unique lip-smacking flavors and textures that are so irresistible, they leave you wanting more. Scene On is currently in the extruded snacks segment and is available nationwide. It enhances the consumers' snacking experience by playing on sensory stimulation of snacking on 'crunchy', 'crispy' and 'melt in the mouth' snacks that go beyond just flavor and taste.

Our Products

  • XOXO Mirchi Punch
  • KRUNCH Lemon Chilli
  • HOOPS Sriracha Mirchi Maza
  • KRUNCH Achari Chakar
  • KRUNCH Red Chilli
  • XOXO Ketchup Surf
  • YOLO Sizzling Chicken
  • HOOPS BBQ Drama
  • XOXO Say Cheese
  • YOLO Salt Mania
  • YOLO Chilli Fiesta